France is one of the best countries not only because it is the topmost fashion hub of the world, but also because people often travel to this location for holidays. There are adequate places here for tourists to explore. They can even stay for a month in the hotels or vacation homes here and enjoy sightseeing. Apart from the attractive locations the country has, it certainly gives travelers a great opportunity to experience river cruises. The best part is that different types of river cruises are available for every type of traveler in several major waterways of the country.

Explore France by Traveling from Paris to Normandy

When you opt for this cruise ship, which covers around 13 destinations in a span of 8 days, you will definitely love the experience. The cruise starts and ends in the port of Paris and it is a great way to spend time with family. Popular packages are inclusive of stay and food and hence for 8 days you may view all the popular destinations in France and remain carefree during your journey. During the journey, you will also get a chance to make French pastries and learn the art and cultural heritage that inspired the artists to build such beautiful cities in France.

Unraveling the Treasures of Burgundy and Provence

Get to travel to 12 destinations in 8-day tour in which the journey starts from Lyon. When you board this ship, not only your stay and food is taken care of, but also your love for wine tasting can be realized because in this cruise you might get a chance to visit places that offer wine tasting. Vegetarians can also happily board the ship without any worries because vegetarian dishes are readily available on special request for those who prefer vegetarian.

Experience the Authentic Taste of Bordeaux

This river cruise, which starts from Bordeaux, makes you travel to the popular destination in the southern part of France and takes you to the ten famous spots in France. Its 8-day tour will definitely make you feel relaxed and enjoy the time over there. Luxury accommodations are in for those who plan to book a river cruise when in France. You can also visit the vineyards and enjoy the wine tasting session while you are there.

Unraveling the Sensations of Southern France

This trip starts in Marseille and ends in Lyon. You can travel to the most popular places in Southern France in a span of 8 days. The cruise offers you exotic meals, transport, luxury stay, and plenty of outdoor activities onshore during your journey. It also provides continuous Wi-Fi services to help you stay connected with your loved ones and share your memorable journey while you are onboard

Whichever river cruise you plan to hop on with your loving family, you will definitely engage yourself in a lot of history of the famed destination and get a hang of the French delicacies while you are vacationing in France.

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